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Start At: The time (seconds) in the song when the script starts reading the MIDI data. Set to values other than 0 to start reading from different parts of the file. The converter will automatically determine the maximum amount of data it can fit into the generated script.
Voices: The amount of bots that will be playing, between 6 and 11. Adding more bots may improve the end result for the cost of removing player slots from the game.
Language: Language of the generated workshop script. Choose the same language as your game's text language, otherwise the script can't be imported.
Generate Full Gamemode Settings If unchecked, only the workshop rules containing the song data will be generated.
Make bots invisible Make the bots playing the song invisible. Their primary fire remains visible.
Limit player slots Remove player slots from the game based on the amount of bots playing the song. Disabling this may cause bots to despawn when new players join an already full game.
Choose piano: Select the piano in Paris that the bots will play.
Disable players' abilities Disable all abilities, ultimates, melee attacks, as well as primary and secondary fires.
Bans for host player Include a ban system for temporarily removing troublemakers: When the host player presses Crouch (Ctrl) + Reload (R), the player he is aiming towards will be teleported out for 30 seconds.

Script info:

Copy these settings and paste them to the Custom Game Settings screen. (PC only)